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Idea Contest trEttari Park for the redevelopment landscaping and urban planning of the urban park system

CERRETUM: the stylization of the Cerrus leaf dictates the shapes of the flooring, of the green, of the furnishings, of the lighting. The etymology of the name of Ciriè in the course of the centuries becomes iCerretumi, or cerreto or better still Bosco di Cerri, a tree species widespread around the city and the leaf of this tree has characterized that meeting between history and future, landscape and cities, innovation and familiarity.


Station square Mq 2.100
Hypogeum platform Mq 600
Remmert manor park Mq 10.000
Remmert historical cafè Mq 140
Service center Mq 200
Course-D’oria square-Ainzara Mq 15.000
D’oria palace garden Mq 3.700
Greenhouse Mq 150
55 new trees
62 new green low
Mq 850 green
Ciriè, Torino, Italy, 2012