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Ideas Contest “Aree centrali di Luino”

Architecture and landscape have married a key element: recognizability. The system of the central areas of Luino, in fact, is imagined in its global structure as an attractive, recognizable and above all characterized by an innovative identity for the place. It was intended to make sure that anyone who lives, walks or even crosses these spaces, immediately perceives its ambits and its borders. The work is realized through the use of a single image that runs through the paving, an evocative icon for the city. The ribbon that surrounds and connects the central areas of Luino in the urban-environmental regeneration project becomes the main cornerstone on which the entire complex of parks of the city-lake moves.


Project Areas:
– Port District
– Eco-railway District
– Arts District
– Commercial District
Project Area Mq 572.000
4.000 parking lots
270 boat parking lots

Luino, Varese, Italy, 2016