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Ideas Contest for the design of a new school – educational pole

Many design themes that converge in one direction: culture.
A Project culturally open to all its inhabitants, but protected as a small paradise for all its young users. Despite the volumetry necessary to meet the minimum requirements of each
single destination, the percentage of public and green space emerge with strength and wholeness. A ribbon walk connects all the functions, distributed in buildings all connected to each other according to their intended use and well adapted to the surrounding landscape.


21% Road and parking lots Mq 1.908
24% Public green Mq 2.128
20% Green and links Mq 1.831
6% Lookout auditorium Mq 465
18% Indoor garden Mq 1.663
11% Buildings Mq 1.137

Vado Ligure, Savona, Italy, 2013