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Design competition for the architectural and artistic redevelopment of Piazza Verdi

The architecture continues the landscape, it does not interrupt it, on the contrary it is left to even cross a work of art. The space becomes the metamorphosis of an absence able to assume chameleon-like shapes, colors soluble in the changing light, functions that modify avant-garde arrangements and dimensions with the flexibility of the times. In line with the projects planned for the balanced satisfaction of the demand and the offer of mobility, this project allows a progressive functional transformation of the Piazza, able to support new configurations of the distribution needs.
The artist’s work, Peter Kogler (Innsbruck, 1959), is realized through the use of images that cross the pavement of the Piazza, one of his favorite icons.


Project Area Mq 9.240
Limited traffic area Mq 2.880
Pedestrian areas Mq 6.360
Artist work Mq 7.112

La Spezia, Italy, 2010